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Head Office Staff

Work at our head office and organise everything down to the last detail to create memories for life for our guests.

The best view of Amsterdam

A team of about 50 head office colleagues work in our Finance, IT, HR, Marketing, Operations and Sales & Reservations departments. Our head office is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Amsterdam: next to the water behind the Rijksmuseum. We also have an office next to our main departure point opposite Central Station and shipyards in Amsterdam and Zaandam where our technicians work.

At our head office no two days are the same. The working atmosphere is informal and you are offered courses and on-the-job training to develop your skills. There are career opportunities in every department.

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  • Varied job with career opportunities
  • Work in the heart of Amsterdam
  • Good terms of employment including a competitive salary and a generous bonus scheme
  • Informal working atmosphere with convivial drinks and staff parties
Interview with Floortje - working at the head office of Stromma Netherlands


At the head office we work together to ensure that everything always runs smoothly on board our boats and buses.

What is your name and what do you do at Stromma Netherlands?
My name is Floortje and I have been working in the Operations department at the Stromma Netherlands head office for 9 years. I work as a Duty Manager and sometimes help out in our Planning department, which allocates our boats and plans the work schedules for our shop staff, captains, hosts, stewards and location assistants. So my job is very varied!

What departments are there at the head office?
I work in the Operations department, which directs all operations. This includes not only the hosts and captains on our boats and the assistants in our ticket shops, but also taking care of things such as the catering for our cruises. Of course, there are also other departments at our head office, such as Sales & Reservations, Marketing, IT, Finance and HR. We also have shipyards in Amsterdam and Zaandam where our technicians maintain our fleet. We work together to ensure that everything always runs smoothly.

What does a typical work day involve?
Well firstly, no two days are the same! We offer a range of products for individual tourists and packages on our boats for larger groups. This makes our work very varied. I actually work at two different offices. Our head office is opposite the Rijksmuseum, but we have also an office near the Central Station in Amsterdam. Most of my colleagues have a fixed workplace, but I work at both offices depending on what I have to do on a particular day.

What do you like most about your job?
I love the diversity of my work, our products and my colleagues. Our organisation employs people in many different professions, so our workforce is made up of a wide range of individuals. This mix of people makes for a wonderfully convivial and informal working atmosphere.

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