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Make sure our guests enjoy an unforgettable experience on board as you serve them refreshments and tell them all kind of stories about Amsterdam.

Share your love of Amsterdam

As a Stromma Host, you are the face of our company. Together with your colleagues, your job is to create a welcoming and appealing atmosphere on our boats. During the cruise you serve drinks and refreshments, or even an elaborate dinner. You increase our guests’ appreciation of Amsterdam by telling them the stories behind the sights you pass by.

You make sure the boat is stocked with catering supplies before the guests arrive. Then you greet our guests as they board and say a few words of welcome. Between serving refreshments, you tell our guests all kind of stories about the history of the city. At the end of the cruise you are there with a smile to offer a helping hand as our guests disembark onto the mooring. Lastly, you clear the catering from the boat and make sure everything is spick and span ready for the next cruise.

  • Great side job where co-workers become friends
  • Informal working atmosphere with convivial drinks and staff parties
  • The most beautiful workplace in Amsterdam
  • Flexible working hours – your preferences are taken into account
Interview with Gill - Host at Stromma Netherlands


Every day is unique with different cruises, colleagues, guests and routes. That makes my work varied and fun.

What is your name and what do you do at Stromma Netherlands?
My name is Gill and I have been working for Stromma Netherlands for almost five years. I joined the company as a Host and Guide and was later appointed as a Senior Host.

What does your job as a Host at Stromma Netherlands involve?
It starts with the moment I greet the guests and welcome them on board with a warm smile! Between serving refreshments, I tell the guests interesting things about the city. I make sure they have a wonderful evening and step off the boat feeling inspired.

How did you advance to the position of Senior Host?
I joined the company as a Host. After a while, my manager asked if I wanted to progress to the position of Senior Host. I was keen to take on the challenge! As Senior Host I have more responsibility. I help new colleagues carry out their work and monitor and maintain quality on board. I also wanted to learn more about the city, so I trained as a Stromma Guide.

What do you like about your job?
Every day is unique. I get to go on different cruises, work with different colleagues, experience different routes and welcome different guests. It makes my work varied and rewarding. Every day I discover something else about Amsterdam and it’s amazing to be able to share it with people. I’m always moving from one place to another and visiting parts of the city I haven’t been to before. You might be amazed to hear that I learn something new about Amsterdam during every cruise. It’s what makes my workplace so inspiring.

When you think about your experience of working for Stromma Netherlands, what are you most proud of?
The sense of team spirit. I feel I’m part of a large family. We all get on really well and all have the same aim: to create the ultimate guest experience. I certainly do my bit to make it happen. I very much enjoy sharing my love of the city with our guests.

What keywords would you use to describe your experience of working for Stromma Netherlands?
Team spirit - my colleagues feel like family, having fun - we have a lot of fun working together and diversity - of colleagues and guests.

What is your favourite memory when you think about your experience of working for Stromma Netherlands?
Being on a boat with Princess Beatrix was an unforgettable experience. I also have great memories of our company parties, especially our 30th anniversary celebration and the New Year’s Eve party at the A’DAM Tower, where I got to sit on the highest swing in Europe. But my favourite memories have to do with the friendships I have made while working for the company. We will be friends for life.

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