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Make sure our guests enjoy safe passage by applying your technical skills behind the scenes.

Help maintain our fleet at the most beautiful shipyards in Amsterdam and the surrounding region

As a Technician, your job is to help keep our fleet in good condition so our boats can sail the Amsterdam canals daily. Together with your colleagues in the Technical Services department, you are responsible for repairing and maintaining our cruise boats, open boats and pedal boats. You also resolve technical faults and maintain our ticket shops and moorings at different locations in the heart of Amsterdam.

In the Technical Services department no two days are the same! One moment you are servicing a diesel or electric engine, the next you are repairing furniture, or on your way to rectify a fault at one of our ticket shops or moorings. You also help implement the Stromma Netherlands sustainability policy as we transition to an all-electric fleet. You work with a team of eight enthusiastic technicians at our shipyard in Amsterdam or Zaandam. Your hard work behind the scenes enables Stromma to offer unforgettable guest experiences on board!

  • The work is very varied: no two days are the same
  • Plenty of scope and freedom to get the job done
  • Help improve the sustainability of our fleet
  • Do courses that help you develop your skills
  • The most inspiring workplace imaginable: our shipyards in Amsterdam and/or Zaandam
  • Work with a team of enthusiastic technicians
Interview with Gerben - Technician at Stromma Netherlands


At the shipyards of Stromma there is a huge variety of work: no two days are the same.

What is your name and what do you do at Stromma Netherlands?
My name is Gerben de Jong and I have been working in the Stromma Technical department for 4 years.

What does your job as a Technician involve?
I carry out a wide range of tasks, maintaining boats, moorings, shops and offices, checking systems and rectifying faults. We have several different kinds of boats: canal cruise boats, open boats and pedal boats. They all need to be maintained. Besides servicing the engine, I also carry out minor maintenance tasks, such as interior repairs, welding, painting and carpentry. Our boats sometimes develop a fault during a cruise. If so, the boat is towed to our shipyard so we can resolve the problem as soon as possible and get the boat back on the water. Our moorings and ticket shops are also maintained by the Technical Services department, so I get to work in different parts of the city.

What qualifications do you need to work as a Technician?
You work in the shipping industry, so you need to have an affinity with boats. You also need to have a lot of general technical knowledge so you can quickly rectify faults. At Stromma, you can take courses to increase your knowledge and skills. This enables you to gain specific technical knowledge that you can immediately apply in your work at the shipyard.

What do you like most about working for Stromma?
Because the work is so varied, every day is different. I work in stunning surroundings, the atmosphere is great, and I am able to develop my technical skills.

How have you developed your technical skills while you have been working for Stromma?
I did a course and gained knowledge that I could immediately apply in my work. Also, Stromma is transitioning to an all-electric fleet. By 2025 the whole fleet should be electric. Electric boats also need to be maintained but it requires a different approach. I really enjoy working with the new sustainable technology.

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